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Your shortcut to seatrouts!


Fishingfunen.dk offers professional guidance along the eastern and southern coast of Funen. With local knowledge of the coast and its seatrout, your chances of catching trout and enjoying unique experiences will be significantly larger. The key to success is enthusiasm, combined with knowledge of the seatrout’s biology and living conditions, and familiarity with conditions at the fishing locations. We have this combined knowledge!


Our guides have fished trout for many years and spend many hundreds of hours on the coast every year.With a guide, you are able to concentrate fully on your fishing.Our guides will find the places where the fish are.At the fishing locations, you’ll be instructed in the choice of lure, bait, technique, as well as reading the site's potential. Increase your chances by using our guides - start your fishing trip in the Southern Funen with one of our local guides!


Additional description:

4 hours with a guide: (max 4 persons) 2000Dkr / 270 €


Full day guided trip: (8 hours, max 4 persons) 3000Dkr / 4000 €


If you have guided service needs extending over several days, arrangements can be made.Contact us for an offer.




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